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Major League Quidditch Inc.

Major League Quidditch is a national league that runs from June 1 to August 30.

Our aim is to present quidditch in an elegant, highly-consumable form that mirrors other sports’ top leagues. MLQ features standardized schedules, high-level officiating, in-depth statistics and live and recorded footage of all games. The central tenant of the league, setting it apart from others, is that we have placed a limit on participating teams. This ensures the teams are of a high quality and maximizes the amount of coverage that can be given to each team and each game.

Our league is home to 16 teams from the US and Canada. These teams are divided up geographically into three divisions (North, South and East), each composed of five teams. All regular-season games will be completed by the first weekend of August. This leaves the remainder of the month for an inter-division postseason in the form of the MLQ Championship, where 12 teams will compete but only one will walk away with the title of Benepe Cup Champion.

Major League Quidditch Inc.

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