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Bond Street Theatre Coalition , Ltd.

Bond Street Theatre's mission is to promote peace, human rights and mutual understanding through arts programming that inspires and informs communities and advocates for social justice. The company initiates creative programming that gives voice to the marginalized, addresses human rights issues, inspires and prepares youth for leadership, heals communities affected by conflict, and promotes the value of the arts as an effective means to carry information.

The company has initiated innovative theatre and arts-based programs in over 50 countries, reaching populations in refugee camps, schools, shelters, prisons, rural villages and urban centers through mobile theatre performances, capacity-building programs for local CSOs, media outreach, training, and collaboration with local artists and organizations.

BST’s Training Manual for Theatre for Social Development, funded by the United States Institute of Peace and US Embassy in Kabul, has been used by hundreds of artists and educators globally to teach conflict resolution, creativity, and leadership through theatre. In tandem with training by BST artist-educators, the
Manual has expanded the capacity of many organizations.

Past projects have been funded by US Embassies in 12 countries (including Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nepal and Turkey), the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Institute of Peace, Open Society Foundation, International Organization for Migration, Ford Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, and other foundations. BST is a recipient of a MacArthur Award for its innovative interdisciplinary programming.

The company is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, and an NGO in association with the United Nations.

Bond Street Theatre Coalition , Ltd.

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