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Alkeme Atelier

Alkeme Atelier is inspired by the ancient science of Alchemy and the process of transforming and combining the four elements (earth, water, fire and air). This idea of breaking down an rebuilding materials led us to produce our bags with sustainable, plant-based textiles. Utilizing material such as Pinatex not only helps us to support the farming communities, but also reduces the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture our products. Along with the exterior of our bags, we also construct the interior of our bags with an eco-friendly textile. Tons of plastic is discarded every year, polluting lands, rivers, oceans, coasts and beaches. We take this waste and transform it into a brand new material, a fabric used as the linings of our handbags. We hope taking these conscious steps will aid in the mission to protect the planet and cultivate an ethical and sustainable fashion. We are constantly innovating for sustainable materials. Use NYU20 for discount.

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Alkeme Atelier

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